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Permission to Explore

by Greta Jones

Nikki is like so many of us women. She lost herself in her career, her relationship, and her goals. Now, it’s time for her to rediscover herself.

She needs to escape her old life to find the woman she lost. She wants to find a new, distant place where no one knows her- and she just might find some pleasure along the way! After all she has denied herself, it’s time to give herself permission to be the priority, to be pampered and to feel again.

Nikki has no idea what she’ll discover as she explores herself, her body and her desires.

Chad is the unwanted distraction Nikki needs so badly to feel alive. From the moment they meet, her mind and body are awakened with a hunger she lost long ago.

Nikki’s body aches to feel his touch as he awakens the erotic, sinful pleasures deep inside her. She never imagined that giving herself so completely to another could help her discover her passion, her true self and her power.

Erotic, passionate and soul awakening … Permission to Explore will possess you and make you want more for Nikki and yourself.

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