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Permission to Explore

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Goddess Greta Jones

I never aspired to be an author. Writing a book had honestly never occurred to me, but one day while I was recovering from some simple surgery, I was bored and began typing.

I didn’t really have a destination, or even a topic in mind, but the next time I looked up, hours had passed, and I had 15 pages in front of me! I was obviously on a roll, so I kept going to see where this journey would take me. 100 pages later, I realized this was a book in the making.

As Permission to Explore began to take shape, its purpose became clear to me. I wanted to give women and men a chance to explore something a little more adventurous. This isn’t the first book to delve into the inner workings of a BDSM relationship, but it’s definitely the first one of its kind.

Permission to Explore clarifies the true nature of kink and the importance placed on consent and trust. I wanted to use this book as an opportunity to show that BDSM is not an act of taking or domineering behavior, but a consensual power exchange that is shared.

My goal was to show that Nikki, in her submissive role, has right and power. Nothing happens between her and Chad without her consent. Safe words are taken seriously. This book is an outstanding depiction of safe, consensual, respectful BDSM relationships.

Permission to Explore is an erotic adventure for followers of the BDSM lifestyle as well as those who are merely kink-curious! It explores different aspects of Domination and submission, bi-sexuality, playing with others, bondage, toys, rules and the power exchange that accompanies them.