About Goddess Greta Jones

Greta Jones was raised in a time when women were told they could have it all—but were never told it came at a price. The 1979 Enjoli Perfume ad declared a woman could have it all from keeping a house, to taking care of kids to having a career and a relationship. However, the part that seemed forgotten was that it took 24 hours to be that woman who accomplished all those roles.

Like many women, Greta found that the more she tried to have it all the more her career began to define her or her role as partner or mother defined her. The vibrant woman she once was was now just exhausted and trying to catch up at every turn because there simply wasn’t enough of her to go around. She lost sight of herself and her worth. She knew that she needed to make a change. One day she woke up and was tired of being tired. Soon after she quit her job and journeyed into unchartered waters and uncovered her Inner Badass. Now, she embraces life knowing the power to create an environment around her of love, acceptance and equality.

She has a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and has spent over 20 years in corporate America in sales and management, including serving as the CEO of a small company.

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